The Process

Let PHOTOPLAY help you.

Not sure of what you want, or maybe you know what you want, but unsure of how to make it happen. We at PHOTOPLAY will HELP guide you through the process of creating your vision. We can also come up with ideas for you.


It starts off with listening and understanding your vision. We Then offer viable ideas, developed to convey your message.


We will handle any needs your project requires; from holding auditions for talent to scouting locations to scheduling. We are here to make sure everything runs smoothly.


No matter the size of the project, you can be assured we have everything covered. Whether it's a one camera interview or a full blown production with soundstages, a productions crew, make-up artists and lighting trucks, we can deliver.


After hours of compiled footage, our talented editors transform those raw elements:

- Sound - Video - Musical Score - Voice Overs - Graphics - Animation

into a dynamic, powerful and impressionable video.

Your video comes to life!

Motion Graphics

As the editing comes together, our talented team begins the polishing stage by creating motion graphics and animation. Through the style and vision of your project, this detailed finishing stage turns your video from a flower to a full garden.



With your final video and vision complete, let our experienced staff help you with distribution. The creative artists at Photoplay Productions can put together complete design and packaging for DVD's. We also have the capabilities for single duplication or mass duplication.

Why not let our team work with your web designer to put the video on your website.